Judge rules troll complaint doesn’t meet pleading standards.

This is big… BIG news. Having a judge rule that the boilerplate copyright infringement complaint is insufficient forces the “copyright troll” attorneys to write more specific allegations… something they would like to avoid AT ALL COSTS. This is one judge in one federal court, but now there is case law in Washington that the other judges must follow as “law.” Other federal courts in other states will refer to this case for support, but they will not be bound by it. Looking for more rulings like this one in other federal courts. Go justice!

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Fight © Trolls

Yesterday Judge Robert S. Lasnik granted a motion to dismiss the case Elf-Man v. Does 1-152 (WAWD 13-cv-00507). This motion was filed on 10/30/2013 by Michael P. Matesky on behalf of three named defendants. The parties presented their oral arguments in front of the judge on 1/15/2014; even though I was not there, I can imagine the judge’s attitude towards the troll by merely looking at the order (embedded below).
Federal Judge
Robert S. Lasnik

Why did I say that it is a big news? The reason is that federal judges don’t often rule that a trolls’ pleading falls short of the threshold set by the Supreme Court of the Unites States in Bell Atlantic v. Twombly in 2007 and Ashcroft v. Iqbal in 2009. The only other order I’m aware of was issued in a CASD Prenda case a year ago: Judge Moskowitz dismissed the case for a…

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Please Email the SD Sec of State – Crystal Bay Corporation (CBC) – Revoke/Dismiss Status


Hello all!

CBC1Want to do something to help?  In case you missed it, the technical monitoring company Copyright Troll Shelf Company, Crystal Bay Corporation (CDC), used by a few of the non-porn trolls, went into delinquent status at the end of March 2013.  This was most likely due to not filing the annual report, taxes, and any associated fees.  SD Corporate database   Search Sites in the US

CBC is a SD “Shelf” corporation used by Trolls such as Lynn Peak Productions/Bailout: The Age of Greed and Bad Kids Go To Hell.    CBC Tag at DTD.

I looked on the SD Secretary of State Web site and it states companies have 60 days to correct this or the company will be admin revoked or dissolved.  As this cut-off date was 31 May 2013, the time has passed!

Myself and others have emailed the SD Secretary of State office requesting…

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